The organic nature of wood can make it unpredictable but with the right seasoning and proper construction it is a beautiful and extremely durable material. It will mellow with age developing a patina all its own and the variety both within, and between, timbers means that there are endless possibilities in design. I have, over the years, built up a collection of local hardwoods, seasoned at the workshop and now ready to use.

Timber choice is crucial to the success of each piece - the grain and colour, as well as creating as little waste as possible, are all considerations. Studying a three-metre length of rough sawn English ash can be a little daunting! But once the first cut is made the process takes on a momentum of its own and as the days pass the piece takes shape.

The finish applied to the wood is the important final step and I mostly use natural waxes and oils. These provide considerable protection and give a lovely natural sheen to the work. Osmo Hard Wax Oil and Tung oil are my favourites.
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